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Lance Elchlepp

6th Dan Instructor
Lance has trained for over 25 years in Budo Taijutsu. He is a 6th degree black belt and was given the title of Shidoshi (Teacher of the Warrior Ways) by the Grandmaster in 2012.  Lance is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.  He has taught a variety of self protection courses through the dojo, and is an avid runner and guitar player.

Nick Franco

4th Dan Instructor
Nick began training in Martial Arts 20 years ago at the age of 7.  He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 4th degree black belt in Budo Taijutsu.  Nick first traveled to Japan to train at Hombu when he was just 17 years old.  He is a law enforcement officer and is working toward his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. 

Johnny Acevedo

Sempai / 4th Dan Instructor
Johnny was training in martial arts for five years before finding Budo Taijutsu in 2010.  He has taught classes in  Active Shooter Response, Close Quarter Combat (CQC), and Women's Self Defense.  Johnny is an avid musician, artist, photographer, and he enjoys writing for periodicals such as Aggressive Comix and Aggressive Science.


David Petersmarck
Dai Shihan

David has trained for four decades in the Japanese martial arts.  He was introduced to Budo Taijutsu while living in Berlin, Germany in the 1980s and continued training under the Grandmaster and many of the pioneers that brought the art to Europe and the United States.  David is a current law enforcement officer, a military veteran, and a devoted husband and father.  He has taught courses in Special Weapons and Tactics, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) to police and military personnel throughout the world.  He also consults and teaches a variety of self-protection courses to schools, civic groups, and individuals.

Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi

Hatsumi Sensei was born in Noda, Japan on December 2, 1931.  When he was 26 years old he met Toshisugu Takamatsu, the man who would become his lifelong instructor.  In the mid-20th century, Hatsumi Sensei formed the Bujinkan Organization to preserve and pass-on the lessons transmitted to him by his teacher. 
 Sensei is an accomplished writer, painter and musician.  His art work has been exhibited at the Nagai Gallery of Tokyo and in Paris, France.   Among his many honors are Honorary Doctorate degrees in both Human Sciences and Philosophy, Honorary Texas Ranger, and numerous Honorable Citizenship awards from Los Angeles, California to Dublin, Ireland.  Sensei's work has also been recognized by numerous government and law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and the NSA.   In 1999,  Sensei was awarded the International Culture Award, the highest honor given for cultural exchange in Japan.  Blackbelt magazines 1986 Instructor of the Year, Sensei is best known for opening the doors of ninjutsu to the world.

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